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Teens Mistakes That Can Affect In The Early Thirties

There is nothing wrong when you begin to practice make-up at an early age. However, some tricks known as transforming hacks can really make your regret taking those decisions at an early age. Well if you have passed that time then there are certain measures to cure it. However, for others who are wondering about trying these hacks and really spoiling their natural face and hair. Read the “Don’t” and follow them to protect your future self. Looks can mean a lot to people not only at a young age but at a later age as well. They can be pretty effective, what mood are you going to be in. So get yourself aware of these misinformed hacks.

Hair Pulling

Making a super-tight ponytail or bun is the trend we all follow these days. However, what we are doing by pulling those hairs backward just to add some sharp feature to the face, is harming our hair roots. You won’t believe how many people have turned bald at a young age because they were wearing their hair pulled all day and every day. You will not notice the hair shedding at first but gradually you will feel the bald patchy on the side of your hair. These are the sides that you are pulling just to get the highlighted cheekbone. This certainly has adverse effects on fine thin hair. The ones with thick hair will show signs of hair loss but not at an early stage.

No Moisturizers

It so happens that at an early age the young generation does not understand the usefulness of a moisturizer. It can make your skin super soft and it will remain that way in the future as well. However if you get the dry dead skin on your arms or legs especially during the winters then you need to apply moisturizer on your skin every day. No one wants to have a shaggy skin in and early thirties but that will happen if you don’t look after your dry skin. Now the ones who have white flakes all over their clothes on removing, they should deeply nourish their bodies ones in a week. If you can get massages then go for it or you can apply coconut oil to your skin while applying normal moisturizer other days.

Hair Extension

Adding hair extension for a really long period and the braiding can really be a strain to your hair follicle. Even though hairstylist claims that this sort of protects your hair. We are not denying the fact, it does protect your hair length but not the roots. For sure your natural hairs are in a protective shell of braids but other than that your hair roots have a lot of pressure on them. This will lead to more hair breakout. Even if you are adding big hair patches and sticking it regularly to the roots this can lead to bald patches in the long run.


Scrubbing your face every day can lead to extremely sensitive skin. Therefore one should use foaming cleanser but not scrub on a regular basis. Even applying masks regularly will bring out oily skin. It is a must that you use the products the way they are meant to be used. Less can be still fine by more can do serious damage. However, taking care of your skin such as having a night care routine for hair and face every day can be beneficial. Night care has exfoliation every third day or once in a week.

Pimple Spots

When you break your pimple with your nails or figures they will leave a spot. If you apply ointments on it then with time they will get dissolved and your skin remains flawless. However, when you leave them without the care they turn into forever spots. So not applying any cream does leave a mark.
All these can be cured by surgeries but you cannot waste the money like that, when you have time now to not fall in these situations.