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Tips to take care of your nails

Like every other part of your body, your nails too need proper care so that they remain healthy and look good. You need to nourish them properly. Manicure alone cannot keep your nails healthy, you need to take responsibility and pamper your nails from time to time. You need to trim them, shape them, trim the cuticles, oil, and massage the area around the nails to make sure the skin is healthy and soft. If you get acrylic nails done then you need to make sure that you do not harm your nails or else the acrylics might chip off and damage your nails. Pamper your nails once in a while.

Here are some tips you can use to have healthy nails. You can pamper your nails properly and make them look neat and tidy.

  1. Maintain proper hygiene of your nails

It is extremely important to maintain proper hygiene of your nails. Well-kept nails look good and make the hands look good too. To keep your nail clean and healthy, you need to have a proper routine. You need to shape and trim your nails, tame the cuticles, apply cuticle oil on them, wash and keep the inside of the nails clean and void of any dirt and germs. Moisturize your nails to keep them strong and healthy so that they do not get dry and break.

  1. Do to bite your nails

One of the bad habits a lot of people have is that they tend to bite their nails, sometimes due to stress and anxiety and sometimes just because it became a habit. Biting nails damage your nail and therefore it is said to not bite them. The saliva gets on your nails and leaves them dry and brittle. Biting nails do not give them a good appearance and make them look bad. Not to forget the germs that get transferred when you bite your nails, from your nails to your mouth.

  1. Apply a top coat to protect your nails

After applying the nail paint it is important to apply a topcoat. This topcoat locks the nail paint and prevents it from chipping and getting ruined. There are different types of topcoats that you can get and apply to finish the look. You can give your nails a gel finish or a matte finish depending on the style you like. This will help you maintain the nail paint for a long time. It is advised to apply the topcoat every few days so that your nail paint does not chip away.

  1. Avoid gel or acrylics

People go with the latest trends and for now, gel and acrylic nails are in trend. They look extremely pretty and look stunning, making the hands look stunning but with being pretty they also damage your nails. The chemicals present in them can make your nails rough and dry and can make them brittle and easy to damage. This can lead the nails to be prone to breaking and chipping. They can also harm the skin surrounding your nails.

  1. Try not to get water-based manicures

Try not to get water-based manicures as they can ruin the nail paint after some time. This is because when you get the water-based manicure the water can expand the nail bed which after some time shrinks to its normal size. When the nail paint is applied the nail bed expanded and after some time when it will shrink the nail paint might chip off. To avoid so you should get some oil-based manicures to keep your nail beautiful and healthy.


These are some of the ways you can make your nails look neat and clean and get a chic look. Properly tamed and shaped nails look elegant and make your hands look great. Paint them with beautiful colors and make them look good. Nails make your hand look pretty and the colors painted on them not only make your hands look good but also make your look complete. A good nail paint can uplift the whole look and a bad one ruins the look. Look at the tips given to you can utilize them to get healthy, strong, and beautiful nails.