Useful eyebrow pencil tips to get youthful-looking brows

The key to making your brows look flattering is to style and shape them according to the placement of your nose, your bone structure, your face shape, and even hair color too. Making your brows look perfect is a lot easier when you’re young, but as you age, they start thinning, which is a natural process. Your brows are one of the most prominent facial features; they add so much definition to your face and highlight your other best features. While it’s not quite possible to keep your brows looking their usual and younger self all the time, there are definitely some easy brow styling and shaping tips that can make your brows look youthful and take so many years off your face.
Making your brows look on point is something we all kind of struggle with, and it becomes even more complicated when it comes to dealing with thinning brows. However, you don’t need to fret as we are here to guide you through. Listed below are some eyebrow pencil tips that will help you get youthful-looking brows.

Fill in the base using powder first

If you have oily or combination skin, there are chances that you have always struggled with keeping the product on your brows in place all day long. And the easiest way to make sure that everything stays put throughout the day is to powder the brows first, which also makes the color look more natural. As far as the color for your brow is concerned, you should always pick a shade lighter than your brow’s natural color. For instance, if you have black brows, you can pick the shade dark brown for your brows. Use it to fill in the base of your brows, and then you can go ahead with your eyebrow pencil. Also, pick an eyebrow pencil that comes with an angled tip, this will enable you to fill in your brows using short strokes whilst also giving you extra control over the application.

Pluck extra strands of hair from your brow

The cleaner your brow line looks, the more defined and nicely done they will appear. However, the extra strands of hair that have grown past the brow line look quite hideous, and they do nothing to make your brows look any flattering. Therefore, you should always clean up your brow line using tweezers. Pull your skin tout using your fingers and pluck extra strands using the tweezer. Also, make sure to pluck the brow hair in its natural direction.

Draw the start and finish line

Your brows aren’t something you can play around with and fill them in any random way. They require to be filled with precision and in a very controlled manner to make them look well defined. Before you start to fill in your brows, it’s imperative to pick the right start and finish line and not let yourself go with the flow. The lines are very easy to draw, all you need to do is place the brow pencil on one side of your nose pointing upwards in the direction of your brows, this is your starting point, and as for the finish line, again place the pencil on the side of your and slightly tilt it towards the outer corner of your eyes, and that will be your finish line.

Choose the right arch point

The eyebrow arch plays a very crucial role in making your face look younger or older. When you place the arch way too high, it ends up adding many years to your age, therefore, you should pick the right arch point. The easiest way to pick the right arch point is to place your eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose, and then tilting it diagonally from your nostrils to the outer corner of your iris, this is how you will get the right arch point.