5 Must-Know Skin Tips Nobody Told You

When it comes to all the skincare mistakes you did and all the skincare practices you followed, don’t you feel, oh! I wish I knew this earlier?
When we hit our late 20’s we all felt the need of someone to tell us this is right for your skin and this is not. While skincare is a comprehensive and subjective but one thing we all do is to invest in various skincare products and practices to get a healthy and glowing complexion. And, for healthy and glowing skin knowing what not to do can be a great help! If you know what you need not do with your skin, you’re sorted!
In this feed, we have compiled 5 tips that no one ever told you. So, let’s get started!

Skin Tip 1- Never Pick Your Face

We all have the constant habit of touching our face and picking our face but while doing this we are causing harm to our skin. Picking your face and touching your face is a big no for the acne-prone skin as when we touch our face or pick our skin chances are that we might burst the zits and this could lead to stubborn marks that never go.
Also, constantly touching our face leads to the transfer of bacteria that causes even more acne. Thus, make it a rule not to touch or pick your face!

Skin Tip 2- Manage Stress

Now some of you might be thinking of how stress is related to the well-being of our skin. But stress plays a huge in the well-being of your entire body including your skin.
If you’re constantly taking stress it will show on your face in the form of various skin issues such as acne, premature aging, dullness, and textured skin. The induced stress levels trigger the hormones that lead to acne and aging.
Thus, make sure you manage stress and indulge in positive thinking. When the stress levels are managed you will see a great improvement in your skin.

Skin Tip 3- Smile More Often

When you smile your skin gets a glow from within. You might find this tip inter-related with tip 2 but managing stress doesn’t mean you’ll smile.
As they say, a smile is the best makeup any woman can carry and they say that right! Thus make sure you smile more often. It’s been scientifically proven that a smile induces the healthy hormones and keeps all the skin issues at bay. Thus, make sure to smile more often and manage stress.

Skin Tip 4- Use Active Ingredients

Why we emphasize using active ingredients in your skin care routine is simply because active Ingredients boost the process of cell renewal and helps you get smooth skin like babies.
According to research, children have smooth skin because their cell renewal rate is very fast and as we grow the cell renewal rate tends to decrease and thus active ingredients help in increasing the rate giving you baby-like skin. Make sure you use active ingredients in your skin care regime, and the best active ingredients you can try out and even suits sensitive skin, is Niacinamide.


Hydrated skin heals super fast thus make sure you keep your skin hydrated.

So, these are the 5 tips that could play a huge role in changing your skin of course towards the better side. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and you found the feed to be very informative. Follow these tips and you’ll surely see some amazing results.