Trouble-free ways to prompt hair growth

Nothing can be more troubling and frustrating than waiting for your hair to grow. While there are a few girls whose hair grows naturally within a few days without even doing anything and then there are some that even after following the most demanding treatments fail to grow their hair quickly. Working or not, it takes some serious dedication and religious routine to make things work according to you. Watching YouTube videos and Instagram stories may help us get inspired to work on our skincare routine and try leveling it up as much as we can but when it comes to taking care of our hair, sadly, most of us girls lack the same amount of enthusiasm that we have for taking care of our skin. You should know that much like your skin, your hair also needs some extra pampering and TLC, merely shampooing or conditioning it isn’t going to do the trick especially if you’re trying to grow your hair.
You should always take some time out of your daily routine to look after your hair and give it much needed care and attention. We have listed some low-maintenance ways that will help you to promote hair growth with zero troubles involved.

Wash your hair twice a week

The way you wash your hair and how often you do it can have a great impact on the way your mane behaves. We cannot stress enough on this part that you shouldn’t wash your hair very frequently. Girls with oily scalp or active lifestyle may find it hard to not wash their hair daily, while we understand the struggle is quite real but it is for your own good. Regularly washing your hair can strip your strands of its natural oils which leads them to become dry and brittle. You should keep hair washing between two to three times a week to make your mane behave all the time and also to promote hair growth.

Get an oil massage

Getting an oil massage is a true and tested way of promoting hair growth. This hair care trick has been here for centuries and it can actually work wonders for the growth of your hair as well as texture. You can use any oil of your choice, but hair-growth promoting oils would be very much preferable such as coconut oil. Apply a few drops of oil all over your scalp and massage it nicely. This won’t only help to keep your roots nourished but will also promote better sleep and relax your mind.

Use a hair mask once a week

Giving your hair some deep nourishment once a week is one of the most important things to do as it is the key to keeping your mane lustrous, soft, and healthy. This can be done using a hair mask which allows the goodness of the ingredients used to penetrate deeper into the hair follicles and improve hair texture as well as to prompt hair growth. You can either do this treatment by wrapping a damp towel on oiled hair or applying a treatment mask to the damaged locks.

Stay away from heat styling tools

Heat styling tools may help you create some of the most gorgeous and beautiful hairstyles, but in reality, they can leave your hair severely damaged especially if you use them very frequently. You should take some break from these hair-styling tools, and let your hair breathe and recover on its own. Also, avoid using a hairdryer even if you have to use it for a few minutes only.

Be very gentle with your hair

Believe it or not, but the way you treat your hair can easily be determined from its appearance. You cannot afford to go rough with your hair or you could end up damaging it for good. From combing and towel drying to cleansing and use of products, at every step, you will have to be extra careful as one silly mistake can result in your mane getting damaged and in some cases, hair loss as well.