Fashion Guide

Ready Your Wardrobe for a new wave of Summer Trends

Trends are unpredictable; they pretty much come and go whenever it suits them. Each season brings along some trends that manage to run the fashion world around themselves for a few months. With trends being everything that all fashion girls believe in, it becomes important to stay updated with even tiniest of the things that’s happening in the fashion world especially when it concerns trends. While the summer season may not have arrived officially yet, we are already feeling the heat and have been observing many fashion girls already being over with a few of the summer trends that were originally introduced just recently. Well, that’s how it is, we girls eventually get over things more quickly than anticipated and now that sense of boredom has hit us off, the least we can do is to introduce you to a new wave of summer trends that are sure to add a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe.
While the earlier trends were more about comfortable wear, the recent trends also follow the same proposition but they have a more outgoing feel to them which makes these pieces perfect to be worn out.
Listed below are some of the chicest summer trends that are sure to add a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe.

Chunky gold rings

Can we ever get tired of wearing jewelry especially when it’s gold? No, we certainly don’t think so. With gold and chunky jewelry trend everywhere, it should come as no surprise to see chunky gold rings as the current trend. While anklets are the latest jewelry trend, you can make your outfit look even more forward and chic by stacking a few rings together. You can find these chunky gold rings in a variety of iterations, pile the ones that match your personality and taste.

Elaborated collars

Collars can make anything look more polished and classy, and now that they are being introduced in more elaborate versions, they can also make you look a lot chicer and voguish. The designers are now focusing more on making the collars look pretty, as the main highlight of the tops. From pretty embroidered collars to ornamented ones, you can find them in endless amazing options.


Orange is the new black, and this current trend says enough about this claim. While black will always remain a classic, it’s always good to look beyond such basic colors and discover pieces that hold the ability to add freshness to your wardrobe. If you have been looking to replacing a few of your summer pieces with colors that are more refreshing and summery, then orange should be your choice. No matter if it’s for outdoors or indoors, this color will work both ways. Whether it’s a dress or a comfy pair of hotpants, orange will make everything look a lot chicer and invigorating.


When it comes to lounging around the house comfortably, we all swear by our go-to sweatpants, and they have never let us down. As much as we simply love this piece, taking a slight break from them and embracing the latest nightgown trend does seem a breezy idea. Summer season can be very sweaty and frustrating and if you want to keep your cool in such hot weather then make sure to stock up on a few of the breezy nightgowns as they will get you through this warm weather in the coolest, comfiest and stylish way.


Now, this shouldn’t come as a shocker because these Birkenstocks are everywhere we see. Summer season gives us the perfect chance to wear our favorite sandals and when the sandals can be this comfy, you certainly shouldn’t miss an opportunity to invest in this pair. From your jeans and shorts to dresses and sweatpants, you won’t miss a chance to wear them with all your outfits, once you get your hands on them.