5 Collared-Dress Inspirations for Work/College

Working in style is a virtue we are keen on applying to ourselves, something that we learned from TV shows that a fancy baby can also be a smart baby. There is no need to stop thinking about how you present yourself because it is these things that make you leave a good impression on your workmates, make you look more approachable in a professional setting, and also enhance your confidence. Plus, getting along with your wardrobe is a great way to distract yourself from the burden of work and or homework. So, let us dive into exploring collared fashion for work or college that is too chic to miss!

1. Collared Shirt

Collared-shirt is a classic. You can pair this one with jeans, pants, and pencil skirts as your bottom. Without much thought given, your formal look has been attained. There are cropped shirt options available too that are a good fit for people going to college or visiting the library for study. Pick a solid color, preferably neutrals, for formal settings and but if you are choosing to wear them to college, you can dress creatively. Have pants with straight-fit and pleated. Pair with loop earrings, a watch, pumps, and open hair.

2. Ruffled-Collar Blouse

This comes out as a beautiful and soft look for when you are at work. Pick up a white satin blouse with its collar ruffled and pair it with a beige or black pencil skirt for your office look. This makes for a fashionable yet elegant and is currently among the favorite picks of female employees. For donning a more casual look, young girls can carry it with straight pants with shoes or pumps, depending on their style. Pumps matching a red lip is a typical timeless combination.

3. Jabot Collared Top

Taking inspiration from the French monarchs, this collar is a direct derivation of the intricacy of lacework that France worked with through medieval and modern times. This can be styled well with pleated pants, blazers, and heels. This collar brings more focus to your bust so it is recommended to keep your other outfit pieces simple and subtle to let the lacework become the highlight. Pair neutral browns or reds depending on the occasion.

4. Collared Wrap-up Dress

This type of wrap-up dress is a beauty because it absorbs the curves of your body like an absolute charm, especially the sleeveless one, which offers more volume around the bust and also emphasizes the hips. It is a stylish and modern concept of a dress that is more workable. With a boastful outlook, this dress promises confidence and appears well with stilettos, minimal watches, fine jewelry, and ombre hair. Watch out!

5. Collared Bow-Tie Top

A cute top awaits to enter your closet! The bow tie is combined with peter pan collars to achieve this style. The tops can be used with pants, of course, and as well with a matching skirt that is body hugging because the tops are mostly not slim fit. The bow hangs down in the middle of the bow. The top works fabulously with a no-makeup look, skirt, stockings, and not-so-obvious heels. Such a top in white makes a great pair with blue jeans and casual shoes for someone looking for a college-going outfit.

These collared outfits bring out a younger you by allowing mobility while you run your errands or run late for your classes. Collared dresses have a sharp flattery look that makes you an enchantress in an instant. They make great outfit options for both formal and informal meet-ups. Pairs gracefully with any footwear and give you an instant glow-up. Collared dresses, hence, can become your new go-to favs!