5 Times you should skip wearing makeup

People are defined by their own choices and whether to wear or not to wear makeup is also one of such choices to make. Nobody should tell you that you should wear makeup or you shouldn’t wear this much makeup. It’s a choice that you have to make willingly and not bother about all the unsolicited makeup advice you keep receiving especially when it’s coming from a stranger. Some people can be really judgy about your makeup choices but you should always be least concerned about them as there are bigger problems to think about. As much as we are in favor of applying makeup, it’s also no secret that using these products regularly can be quite damaging for your skin especially when you’re facing some skin issues. Taking a break from your makeup even if it’s for a day is always a good idea.
To make it easier for you, listed below are a few of the times you should refrain from applying makeup to let your skin breathe for good!

Before jumping into the pool

Jumping into the pool with a full-face makeup sounds like a bomb idea but this thing only looks good in the movies. It’s no hidden fact that swimming pools are infused with chlorine and jumping into the chlorinated pool with full-face makeup is always bad news as it makes your skin feel irritated and inflamed. Unless you want to invite a few skin problems, refrain from diving into the pool when you’re wearing makeup.

While working out

There’s no workout without sweat and going for one of your workout sessions while you are still wearing your makeup is nothing but a recipe for disaster. Have you ever heard that makeup and sweat go well together? Probably not and the summer season is quite an evidence to prove the same. You can choose to keep the makeup light by wearing concealer only on required areas such as dark spots or blemishes and a lip balm on lips but going all the way out with a heavy-duty foundation is too much to ask of your skin during an intense workout session.

Acne breakout

Nothing hurts more than seeing a newly grown pimple on your face. While makeup may seem to be a quick fix for you, it is just a temporary solution that can also sometimes delay the healing process. Also, when you apply makeup on acne or breakout, the tool you are using to blend the product can accumulate acne-causing bacteria on its base, which will only worsen the situation especially if you don’t wash your makeup tools more often. Therefore, you should always avoid applying makeup on your face until the acne has fully healed.

During skin treatments like micro-needling and laser hair removal

Whenever you go for any type of skin treatment such as micro-needling or laser hair removal, it’s always best to go there bare face and not wear any makeup to make the treatment easier and more effective, or else it will complicate things for the person doing the treatment on you. Also, after you are done getting the treatment, avoid applying makeup for at least 2 to 3 days as your skin becomes really sensitive after the treatment which can result in clogged pores.

Take a break every once a week

You should always let your skin breathe every chance you get. Instead of applying your usual heavy coverage foundation or concealer, consider sticking to bb cream or tinted moisturizer to add some glow on your face. This will allow your skin to breathe without feeling suffocated under layers and layers of makeup. You should do this at least once a week to make your skin feel more alive.