Tips for Managing Unruly Hair While Traveling

Tips for Managing Unruly Hair While Traveling

Your crown’s upkeep and flow are dictated by the weather outside which is why we take special measures to take care of our hair so that it stays healthy throughout the seasons. But when traveling, our hair gets exposed to much dust and dirt. This way the moisture of hair gets compromised and we are burdened with finding a quick cure to a problem that could’ve been avoided. Hair, thus, becomes frizzy and unmanageable. If you relate to this difficulty, get hold of your brush as we talk about how we can manage unruly hair for days while traveling.


  1. Keep Clean

Readers, wash your hair ultra-clean before starting your journey because the dirt your locks are about to catch would have no limits. The oil and dust build-up will destroy your scalp making them look dirtier than ever. Plus, you’d want to be the last person picking on your hair now and then and get troubled by itching. This will not only assist you in taking good care of your hair afterward but also keep you feeling fresh throughout your trip. Important: healthy hair needs washing, unruly hair wants moisture because it s starved.

Keep Clean


  1. Protective Hairstyle

Tying your hair, the right way is a tool good enough to predict what your hair health will be post-trip. Try braiding or pleating hair (not too tight and not too loose) while on board as this will help you lock in the moisture. This method helps maintain your hair otherwise, you’ll be able to comb through your hair effortlessly and also appreciate the style that your hair has inculcated. Look out for shiny strands and feel proud that you were not cruel to your healthy hair!

Protective Hairstyle


  1. Combing

Frequent combing is not what we are going to tell you to do. Instead, the best advice we can present is to keep frizz away and do everything that would ensure that. Once the roughness kicks in (because moisture is gone with the wind), the hair fibers become drier and cuticles become exposed and get twisted with other cuticle fibers more easily. Your hair, hence, becomes more susceptible to carrying dust resulting in more tangling. You would not want to face that mid-travel for obvious reasons.



  1. Protective Serum

Not oil but a lightweight serum can be your best friend when it comes to providing more nourishing factors to your hair. Choose wisely a hair serum that is nutritive and not thick in texture. Preferably take a spray bottle with you as it is a very travel-friendly option, honestly. Apply and comb through for a quick touch-up whenever you feel dry or your hair is not smooth enough instead of leaving it scorched and starving. Avoid getting chemical treatments done right before travel. Keep the roots nourished instead of putting them to test!

Protective Serum


  1. Reduce Sun Exposure

Sun is your skin’s enemy and so are your locks’. You wear sunscreen to avoid age spots and whatnot, to protect your skin from getting sunburnt (worst feeling ever, right?). But what do we do to protect our hair? This direct heat will ensure that your head gets heated up making your hair dry and prone to breakage. This can be a major hurdle in the way of you having silky hair as you move from one place to another. Take this tip home to always wear a hat or cover yourself with an umbrella, or opt for a scarf that goes well with your outfit and curl it overhead.

Reduce Sun Exposure



So, that is it for y’all. These tips are going to prove useful in achieving more manageable hair while you are traveling. Feel free to wear a fascinating shield first, everything else comes next. Even if you forget to prepare as we mentioned, there are ways to still keep things working. Reapply serum and comb thoroughly and pleat it as you’d never need to! All things aside, remember that your hair is beautiful and you make it like so!