Clever ways to straighten your hair without heat

Do you know that no heat straightening is a thing? If not, then it’s the time you know that because what else can be better than getting your frizzy, curly hair fixed in the easiest and safest way possible. While straightening your hair with heat appliances is always the quickest and effective way to achieve those poker straight and frizz-free hair but what we girls don’t realize is all that heat can be extremely damaging for your hair and can easily make your strands look really dull, lifeless and extremely rough when you have got a natural and harmless solution, then why to go for something that can be harmful for your hair.

No matter if you have got slightly curly hair or straight hair with little waves, there are some effective methods that can help you in achieving straight, shiny, and frizz-free hair in no time. Take a look at these different ways of straightening your hair, and you will completely ditch using those heat appliances that can be damaging to your beautiful hair locks.

Hair wrapping method 

This technique is one of the oldest and reliable ways of getting straight hair without using heat. But many people struggle with getting this method works effectively for them. But fortunately, today there are so many tutorials available on youtube that can help you get the technique right. To follow the straightening procedure, you will only need a few things, and one of the things is bobby pins as well as satin hair scarves. This method may work differently for different hair types and lengths, but the basics are pretty much the same to follow. Separate the top section of your hair exactly from the spot where you part it out. Then comb your locks flat using a fine-toothed comb. Now taking one section of your hair holding it taut, bring it to the other side of your head and secure it tightly on the side using a bobby pin. Repeat the same step to other parts of your hair, then wrap or secure your hair with a satin turban.

Plastic rollers ftw!!!

Using rollers to achieve those poker looking hair may sound a little weird to you, but trust us, this method works as effectively as any other method. The best thing about this method is it can help to flatten your hair why you sleep. Plastic rollers come in all different ways, but you will have to go for large and wider rolls that can help in straightening those curls out.To begin with the process, firstly, you will need to make sure your hair is damp, and don’t forget to apply hair straightening spray before you put on the roller for additional effect. Now divide your hair into medium sections and roll the rollers onto each section. Do this process before you are going to sleep as these rollers will need to be rested on your hair for about 4-7 hours. So doing it during your sleep time will be much better. The last step is to gently remove the rollers from your hair and brush it out to achieve those glossy and straight looking locks.

Use hair products that help in straightening.

There are so many products available in the market that claims to have a straightening property in them. Some hair products like hair sprays, shampoos, conditioner, leave-in conditioning products, and many other products that can help in weighing your hair down can prove to be your safest bet as they help in giving your curls a relaxed look. Products that aim to straighten your hair can be a good place to start with, so invest in products that have hair straightening properties in them.

Use a hair straightening mask.

Hair masks are another great way to make your hair appear more shiny, smooth, and poker-straight. These hair masks basically help in restoring protein to your hair, giving your curls a very relaxed and calm appearance. Hair masks are meant to deep condition your hair strands, which further makes it appear healthier and glossy. You can DIY these hair masks at the convenience of your home, adding a few things like raw egg, avocado, honey will help in proper conditioning of your hair.

Essential oils can be of great help.

This is a kind of technique that’s been in use since ages. The majority of women used to rely on this method to tame their hair and make it look shinier. Some essential oils like coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil are known to work wonders for your hair as they penetrate deeper into the hair follicles and repairs the cell inside. These oils can readily be absorbed by your hair, giving it a tamer and shiny appearance. You can pick an oil of your choice and apply it after you are done rolling or wrapping your hair to hold the style.