5 Tips for a Healthy Hairline

5 Tips for a Healthy Hairline

Thinning hair can take a massive toll on your confidence and your mood. We don’t realize how small things significantly impact the overall health of our hair. Our beautiful mane needs love and care and apart from that, a lot of nutrients that we skip most often. We look for a solution to the many problems that our hair indicates but it seems hard to figure everything out and even if we are in the right direction, the effect doesn’t show up overnight. So, here is a list of 5 things that you must consider doing for your hair to grow a healthy hairline and prevent hair loss too.


  1. Say no to Tight Hairdo

Hairstyles give an instant pop to your look. However, a tight hairdo is a major killer of healthy roots and puts a lot of pressure on your scalp. This unnecessarily stretches your hairline beyond capacity and over time, you begin to lose hair. Your forehead seems bigger with your hairline receding, making changes to your face shape that you may not want at all. So, it is important to opt for relaxed hairstyles that don’t torture the scalp or pull hair in the process. Even keep your hair loosely tied when not in full glam.

Say no to Tight Hairdo


  1. Don’t shave/wax baby-hair

It is, indeed, in vogue to achieve a clearly defined forehead by waxing your hairline or shaving the baby hairs that are present across your hairline. But this way, you put lengthier hair at the risk of fading away, taking the pressure and exposure that your baby hair endures for your locks. Not only that’ll make your head look bigger, but also it would diminish the baby hairs for life, leaving behind an exposed unnatural-looking hairline (they don’t come back!).

Don’t shave/wax baby-hair


  1. Don’t Leave Your Hair Open

Leaving your hair open is an invitation to more dirt and unruly hair. Once washed, make sure to moisturize and dry out your hair completely, accompanied by a gentle brush through. Tie your mane loose in a comfortable braid or pony so that there is no moisture loss. Your hair fibers when exposed to excess heat and dryness get more tangled and become susceptible to damage hence, thinning begins. But of course, it will not show in a day.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Open


  1. Massage!

Keeping your hair moisturized is one thing, investing time in its care and upkeep is another. When you massage your scalp, you make your scalp feel relaxed and take in the oils you are putting in. Your roots would become stronger gradually when you have learned to take care of them. Massaging your hair while washing or post-wash can help de-stress your hair that had been tied in one hairdo all day long, condition it, and reduce hair fall to some extent.



  1. Switch Hairstyles

When your hair roots stay in one direction for a very long time, they feel tense. Your roots will only adapt to that hairdo and hair loss would be a consequence when you only comb through one side, again and again. They begin to miss the natural movement that they possess so, it’s vital to keep reminding them that they are meant to flare out. Switching hairstyles twice or thrice a day will give your hair more flexibility and also a chance to comb them thoroughly. So, change!

Switch Hairstyles


Adapting to these little additions and alterations in your daily routine can help you achieve a smoother and fuller hairline. The general suggestion to prevent hair fall is to keep your locks moisturized, thoroughly brushed, and tied in a protective hairdo. You just can’t afford to skip these fundamental rules of your hair care routine if you’re concerned about thinning your hair. Plus, don’t forget about healthy food intake. But if you have lost a lot of hair recently, and can’t figure out what is wrong, consult a derma.