At-home treatments to grow out naturally strong and long hair

If there’s one thing that we are truly thankful for in this lockdown or quarantine phase, then it has to be the truckloads of free time that we have got to ourselves. All that time we used to spend on getting ready or commuting is now spent on either sleeping till late or binge-watching favorite tv shows, but do you know how you can utilize all your spare time in a better way? Caring for your hair, which most times gets ignored and even overlooked in favor of your skin. Your hair deserves as much attention as your skin does. And not caring for it can result in irreparable damage that can leave your tresses lifeless, dull, rough, and whatnot. What’s worst of all hair woes is hair fall, which can easily bring your spirits down. Spotting your hair on your pillow, clothes, while brushing or even on your couch can be very stressful. Girls, taking stress isn’t going to help you, and it may in fact worsen the problem, therefore, look for ways that work best for your hair and delivers promising results.
However, if you haven’t already figured out what works best for your hair and helps in reducing hair fall, fret not, we have got you covered. Use this spare time to look after your hair and address those issues that are posing a problem. Listed below are a hair fall treatments that you can try at home during the lockdown period or at least till you are working from home.

Natural hair masks

When it comes to reducing your hair fall, nothing works more amazingly than natural hair masks that are infused with the goodness of several ingredients. To prepare hair masks at home, you don’t have to go any farther than your own kitchen. With most ingredients present inside your house, you can make some of the best hair masks for yourself. Make use of the natural ingredients available in your kitchen to prepare hair masks and use them on a weekly basis to give your locks a boost of vitamins and all essential nutrients. Use natural ingredients that work best for your hair type to see effective results.

Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment is something that can never leave you disappointed. And when it comes to hair fall, a hot oil massage can do some serious wonders for your hair. It is a treatment that has been used by women from all around the world for several centuries. This is an excellent alternative to other at-home treatments, especially for those girls who have a really hectic schedule. Besides helping you curb this hair issue, a hot oil massage also helps your mane in plenty of other ways, such as promoting hair growth, giving it a boost of hydration, etc. You can use any hair oil of your choice; however, coconut, olive, almond, and jojoba oil are known to deliver the most effective results.

Hair spa

Just because you are made to stay at home and suggested to avoid going out unnecessarily, which may have made you cancel your plans or appointment at the salon, doesn’t mean you can’t do those things at home. With the right products and learning the right techniques, you can do salon treatment at home by yourself, including a hair spa. Treating your hair to a good and relaxing hair spa can prove to be a lot more beneficial for your locks than you can imagine. Just do things in the right order using the right products, and you will score a salon-like spa at home.

Onion juice

Rinsing your hair with onion juice might not be the most aromatic thing to apply on your hair, but it most definitely is one of the effective treatments for hair fall. Onion juice is an excellent source of sulfur, and this element is known to work wonders for your hair. It has proven to work effectively for treating hair issues like hair thinning, hair loss, and stunted hair growth.