Great Ways To Create Volume In Your Hair

Are you looking to add volume to your straight hair? Well, then you have clicked onto the right feed.
Tresses that are glued to your forehead can make you appear like a slob. Limp hair, greasy, and falling curls-we can understand your pain, girls. We all love to have bigger and stronger hair but unfortunately, all of us are not blessed with such locks. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them. We can fake a fuller look with these amazing tricks.
First of all, if you want a great volume on your hair you are not alone. There are many and many girls who suffer from this and dream to have bigger volumized tresses. So, it’s nothing to feel why me?

What causes thinner Hair?
There could be many reasons that result in thinning for hair. Over- usage of styling tools, unhealthy diet, chemical treatments, and hypothyroidism- which is an underactive thyroid that compels your glands to produce fewer hormones, as a result, your metabolism slows down and you feel your hair thinner. If you’re suffering from this we would advise you to visit an expert so, that you could be treated in a better way.

Do check out these amazing tips to add volume to your hair.

Use a Volume- Building Shampoo

To fake a volumized look use volume-building shampoos that will help you achieve your volume goals. Washing your hair with a volume-building shampoo will help your hair to achieve a great volume and feel. Also, make sure when you select your volume-building shampoo always prefer using a clear or translucent product that will assure it’s not loaded with heavy conditioning agents. As heavy conditioning agents can weigh-down your hair and that’s not what we want. Also, go light with your conditioner step as a slight increase in your conditioner amount can result in limp and greasy hair.

Back Combing Your Hair

Another effective way to fake volume in your hair is to back-comb the sections of your hair especially the crown area of your hair. Though back-combing can be a bad rep for your hair but we are not telling you to abrasively rub back your hair rather to gently comb back your locks. Make sure when you’re following back-combing always work on sections of your hair rather back-combing all together. Also, focus on the crown area as if your crown area is volumized your hair will not at all feel thin.

Apply Product Correctly

To add volume to your hair it’s really important you check how you apply the products? Are you correctly applying them? Are you applying sufficient amount? Never apply serums and styling oils to your roots and always apply them to the ends and mid-lengths. As serums and styling oils when applied on the roots can weigh-down your hair. Also, make sure you apply only a sufficient amount of the products onto your hair and never over apply any hair product.

Sleep in a Bun

Sleeping in a bun can help you cheat your volume goals overnight. When slept in a bun you’ll wake up to your dreamy and volumized hair. So, don’t throw your scrunchies rather use them at night to tie a bun and you’ll yourself see a huge difference in the volume of your hair when you’ll wake up.

Cut Your Hair

We know that’s very painful but if you want to get the volume goals you have to do this. Shorter hair draws more volume to your hair because shorter hair weighs less. Therefore, cutting your hair would be an instant lift in the volume of your tresses.