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Don’t Have the VPL Issue Take Help of the Panty Guide

Having some specific panties in your underwear collection is a must for women of every shape. Well, we all have the basic underwear in our collection but a few of the bikini underwear make it embracing for us. We have the visible panty lines situation caused by a few of these bikini panties. However, we will bring the solution for this in this article and tell you where you got to wear each type of panty. What is the usage of each underpants created so far and what is their comfortable status? So let’s begin with our post..

Bikini Underwear


The most commonly used underwear by every woman on earth. These are the most comfortable of all. There are many reasons for it. The prominent ones are; it is made up of cotton and secondly, it is giving a nice coverage to the hips. We can also call it the period underwear as it has the place to keep the menstrual cup and if you use tampons then you get good coverage with these. Women prefer to wear these in black color only but trust me; black is not the color for you during this time of the month. Wear light color like skin, sky blue especially for the summers. Now, you can wear these will thick material like jeans or denim shorts. A regular fit or loose fit stiff material.


Having thongs in your collection can be another breathable underwear. You can wear the thongs under the jeans and if you find them comfortable you can wear these under the skirts and the formal pants. These can be worn with the see-through or skin-fit clothing. The thongs stick to your body and there is no visible panty line in these. Even when you wear the legging or the gym tights the panty lines are always visible through the fabric creating a bump. This is not a pleasing look for the eye so you can wear thongs underneath. Make sure this isn’t a lacy material.

Shorts or Briefs


Having shorts in two basic colors black and skin is a must for each woman. The reason to have these is if you are wearing a flowy mini skirt or dress then we are always conscious of the weather. Like if you are walking then you always have a thing running at the back of your mind what if the wind blows and your dress lifts. If you wear shorts they will make you lesser worried because you will not be too afraid of your underparts being visible. You will be more focused on enjoying your day or complete your task for the day. These shorts can be paired up inside the formal pants and the skin-tight skirts as they will not make the stitching visible. However, people who have heavy butt can face the issue of visible underpants. You can find these in two fabrics one is cotton and another is synthetic. Make sure you take the cotton ones as synthetic is not a breathable material.

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is mainly made of synthetic material. These have no layers in them, there is not a hint of stitch visible on them. Therefore these become seamless. Having seamless underwear in the skin and lighter shades should be your choice. The black underwear a pretty much no in these as well because black is not good underwear for you and the material is again not breathable so you need to quit this color not only in this material but other fabrics as well. However, you need to have black briefs for a black mini-skirt or a dress. Besides this, you need to skin color to wear under your white see-through dresses. Because skin color will not highlight the area, we have been thought to wear white under white which rather than not flashing the area makes the white pretty bold and you could see the panty or your bra every single inch.