Easy-to-follow tips to tackle acne around the mouth

Acne has always been a tricky skin problem to deal with, and the fact that it can appear uninvited anywhere at any time makes this issue even trickier. While acne can pop anywhere on different parts of your face and even body, acne around the mouth is known to be quite painful, and it can be quite tricky to deal with. Some common reasons like you constantly touching your face, your phone coming in contact with your facial skin, and prolonged use of a face mask give rise to acne problems around your mouth.

While making some lifestyle changes would definitely help, you also need to find an effective treatment in order to get rid of nasty acne around your mouth. Other than that, you can take a couple of steps to inhibit or reduce breakouts in the same area. If you are interested to learn about them, continue to scroll down.


Invest in non-comedogenic makeup products

Makeup and acne just don’t sit well together, it is a bad pairing. Failing to remove your makeup thoroughly or using comedogenic makeup products could clog your pores, which in turn, can lead to acne. Therefore, it’s important to invest in non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores, and if it’s possible, you should avoid wearing makeup every day and give your skin some time to breathe easy. It gets hard for your skin to breathe under layers of makeup, so giving it a small break from makeup products would definitely help.


Avoid picking at your pimples

Picking at your pimples is one of the worst things you can do to your skin, it might give you a bit of satisfaction for a couple of minutes, but you will later on regret it after spotting that acne mark which can take months to fade away completely or witnessing your acne getting worse. If you don’t want to aggravate your acne problem, then you should avoid picking your pimples and touching your face constantly. No matter how mad or tempted you feel seeing that pimple on your face, you should leave it alone and let it heal on its own.


Get rid of excess lip balm

Nobody would have thought that their lip balm could be the reason why they are getting so many pimples around their mouth, but here we are now. Given the oily and greasy nature of lip balms, they tend to clog the pores around your mouth, which in turn, leads to acne. Therefore, you should always remove the excess lip balm from your lips so that it doesn’t penetrate your pores. Additionally, you should always check the labels of your lip balms, the ones containing artificial fragrances and colors could irritate the skin around your mouth, and therefore, it’s best to avoid them.


Wipe your mouth after eating

It’s a basic eating habit that most people forget to follow, but now that we have reminded you of it again, you better start practicing it in order to not only keep your mouth area clean but also prevent acne around your mouth. The small food particles tend to settle onto the skin around your mouth, which ends up clogging the pores and causes acne. Hence, you should always wipe your mouth after eating your food. Furthermore, you should avoid eating oily or greasy food to prevent this issue.


Visit your dermatologist

Acne around your mouth could also be a result of an underlying problem, the best way to determine the cause of your acne is by visiting your dermatologist. Your dermatologist can offer you the best guidance and treatment in this case.