Follow these salon etiquette rules when getting first haircut post quarantine

Given the amount of time we have spent cooped up inside our homes this whole quarantine, some kind of damage was bound to happen. And we are not talking about some materialistic damage, but the damage that has been caused to your precious locks due to not being able to get them trimmed at the salon. Since going out was the last thing in our minds during this pandemic, visiting a salon to get regular hair trims was just out of the question, considering keeping safe and healthy was the main agenda, and those nasty split-ends could definitely wait for a while.
Now that the restrictions are being eased, many salons have reopened within the cities with required safety protocols in place. Although things are slightly getting back to normal, the coronavirus is still very much prevalent on a large scale, meaning that you ought to practice some cautions to keep yourself and the others surrounding you safe. If you are planning to get your first haircut post quarantine, firstly, your safety depends largely on the salon you’re visiting and their safety protocols. And for the most part, your safety is in your hands, and practicing some caution on your behalf will certainly help you keep a lot safer while visiting a salon. Listed below are all the salon etiquette rules that you must follow when getting haircut post quarantine.

Always research about the salon

Nothing should be more important than your safety, and when it comes to visiting a salon, you shouldn’t visit it until you have done proper research about it. Learn about the salon’s social distancing policies, how experienced their staff is, and you can also read the reviews online. Other than that, you can also review the testimonials of the clients who visited the salon post quarantine and check if the safety protocols are in place. This will make you feel more confident about the salon.

Wear a protective face mask

It’s no brainer that you must wear a protective face mask while stepping out of the house to visit a salon. Following the safety protocols aren’t only mandatory for the salon’s staff but you as well. Therefore, don’t forget to wear a mask and keep it on the whole time without taking it off, or else it will completely defeat the whole purpose of avoiding cross-contamination.

Reach the salon on time and follow appointment instructions

Since all salons have reopened only after ensuring that all safety protocols are in place, it’s your responsibility to act rationally and not do anything that can stir some trouble for the salon. If you manage to get yourself an appointment at your favorite salon, consider yourself lucky and don’t take this for granted, considering there must be so many girls out there just like you waiting to get an appointment. Therefore, make sure to reach the salon on time, not too early, neither too late, as it can end up burdening the salon staff. Also, missing your appointment can result in a financial loss for the salon.

Wear zero to minimal accessories and dress up in simple layers

Things are going to be much different post quarantine. As much as you would like to carry your newly purchased chic handbag to the salon, it’s best if you keep it inside your closet only. Avoid wearing accessories like rings, necklaces, bracelets, or any such thing that you can do without, as it will automatically minimize the chances of you catching the virus. Also, dress up in simple layers and don’t wear anything such as a jacket that you will eventually have to take off while getting a haircut, and the staff would have to place it somewhere that you don’t know whether is safe or not.