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Get to know the most photogenic fall trends

When we look at certain images on our phones, some pictures always appear to be more eye-catching and attractive than others, and that can be attributed to things featured in the image. Much like a few landscapes appear much more beautiful and alluring than others in pictures, a few trends can look more photogenic than the rest of the trends. Although we are introduced to an array of fashion trends every season, there are only a few of them that actually manage to make the mark and leave a lasting impression on the masses.
Since it’s the fall season in question, we thought of sharing some of the most photogenic trends of the season that are both on and off the street style scene. Listed below are some fall trends we are expecting to see a lot of this season.


If there’s one trend that seems to be really promising and quite photogenic at the moment, we must say it has to be leather separates. Leather is one of the best materials for fall; it looks very rich, luxe and also adds some texture to the outfit, which ultimately makes the ensemble look all the more chic and fashion-forward. Leather skirts and shorts are especially trending this year. And the best part is they can be easily dressed up and dressed down in a variety of chic ways.

Bold colors

The colors you choose to wear can make a significant difference to your outfit and the way they appear in the pictures. And if we talk about the photogenic colors, bold colors are something you should add more and more in your wardrobe, as apart from adding richness and nice tone to the outfit, they also look more alluring and chic. The easiest way to carry bold colors is to use the color-blocking approach, although it’s quite an old trend, it still manages to come across pretty well.


The best part about fashion is you can mix and match things the way you like or feel comfortable in. There isn’t really any foundation, and that’s what makes it easier for us to style our outfits in a myriad of chic ways. Speaking of which, if you want to give your sportswear a little edge and make them look more forward and on-trend, this is the time and opportunity for you to jump on the bandwagon and mix those pieces with some formal and high fashion articles in your wardrobe. For instance, a football shirt teamed with a skirt and heels would make for such a chic combination and will also add a different aspect to your ensemble.


Pantsuits make women look all the more powerful, and that’s something every woman could use, especially when they are working women. Pantsuits come across really impressive and imposing, especially when being photographed. Depending on the kind of silhouette you are trying to achieve, you can look for a fitted or tailored version of a pantsuit. Also, pantsuits don’t always have to look formal; you can easily make them look semi-formal or casual by trading your heels for sneakers.

Oversize blazer

Oversized blazers are something we would be seeing a lot of this season. Throwing them over the top is one of the easiest ways to make even the most basic and plain outfit look chicer and stylish. They are quite versatile in nature; you can easily wear them on the top of your dresses or even vest tops. In addition to making your outfit look more put together, oversize blazers also add a different element to the outfit, which comes across pretty eye-catching.