5 Popular And Amazing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hacks are meant to make life simple but not all give you the desired results so it’s very important to know among the huge assortment of hacks what actually works.
We all love to have stunning hair each day and for that, we spend so much time, and if we know the amazing and actually working hacks life would turn out to be so simple, right? You can actually spend the time doing something more productive or at least reaching the office on time.
So, here we have compiled for you 5 amazing and simple hair hacks that will make your hair look stunning and life simpler. Keep reading!

Hack 1-Curl Your Hair in Just 5 Minutes

What you’ll need-
• A Hair Straightener

Grab a large section of your hair and just roll it for about 3 times and heat your straighteners for about 2 minutes. Place the rolled part of your hair in between the rods and keep it for about 10 seconds. Voila! You get the perfect curls in no time flat.
So, now curling your hair would not seem to be a life-long task. Just 5 minutes and you get your desired curls.

Hack2- How To Fake A Longer and Fuller Ponytail

If you want to have a long and fuller ponytail in no time flat follow the hack.
What You’ll Need-
• Two Rubber Bands of the Same color
• Comb
• Comb your hair removing all the tangles.
• Grab a section of your hair from the crown area and tie it up with a rubber band.
• Tie the rest of the hair as you do while tie your hair up in a ponytail.
• Mix both the sections together and you get long and fuller ponytail with just two rubber bands.

Hack 3-No Heat Curls

Heat can damage your hair we all know that but we can’t resist the urge to curl our hair. So, with this hack, you can fulfill your urge without forsaking the quality of your hair. This method will give you the perfect curls without any heat,

What You’ll Need-
• A Rubber Band
• Wet your hair and tie them in a huge bun
• Leave the bun overnight
• And you’ll wake up with the heatless beautiful curls.
You can also use instead of rubber bands headband that will also give you similar results. So, next time ditch the curling tongs and follow this heatless curling hack.

Hack 4- Trim Split Ends At Home

Split ends can be a huge hurdle for long and healthy hair and it’s very important to regularly trim the split ends. But, who has the time to visit the salon each time and splurge some huge bucks? Don’t worry if that’s your problem we have brought for you a quick hack to trim your split ends at home.
What You’ll Need-
• A Pair Of Scissors

• Grab a section of your hair and start twisting it.
• Twist till you get a rough braid
• Cut the extra hair coming out of the braid as that is the split ends.

Hack 5- How To Fake Volume

Voluminous hair is the dream of all but unfortunately, we all don’t have the voluminous hair. But the hack will help you to add volume to existing hair growth of yours.
What You’ll Need-
• A Rat Tail Comb
• Hair Spray
To do this hack all you have to do is tease the crown area of your hair and just to set everything at the place for a long time spray a hair spray.