Savvy hair hacks every woman must know

Having hair that looks in its best possible state every single day is something almost every girl dreams of. And we girls do everything in our power to keep the mane looking stunningly perfect to flaunt it proudly to the world. However, due to busy and rushed routine, and not to forget the bad hair day that happens every once in a while, makes it quite difficult to manage those tresses. Nevertheless, by taking just a few minutes out of your busy schedule, you can easily change the way you and your hair look. There are a few hair hacks that you can add to your hair care routine to help keep your locks in its best state and shape. We have made a list of some best hair hacks that every woman should know about to keep their mane looking stunning and beautiful all the time.

Use dry shampoo on fine, oily hair

Hair starts to get oily every second or third of being washed and not everybody has got the time to wash it every day. You can easily get rid of greasiness or prevent it from happening by making the use of dry shampoo. Most of the dry shampoos contain propellant, abrasive and an absorbent which together works to keep your mane clean and oil-free. The active ingredients present in the dry shampoo absorb all the excess oil at the roots making your hair feel fresh without any residue. Make sure to keep a distance of 6 to 8 inches while spraying the dry shampoo onto the oily roots and very lightly through the rest of your hair. After applying the dry shampoo, run the brush through your strands to spread the product evenly.

Apply conditioner to the ends only

There’s the right way of using a conditioner and that way is to apply it at the ends of your hair only. Conditioner should only be applied at the lengths and the ends of your hair. You should completely avoid conditioning your scalp as it can easily make your hair to look greasy which we believe is not something you are trying to achieve.

Brush your hair the right way

There’s always the right way of doing things and it also includes brushing your hair. First things first, it’s extremely important to invest in the right brush as it is also one of the major keys to keep your hair in its healthiest and beautiful state. We would suggest you to go for a boar bristle brush which helps in gently and evenly distributing the hair’s natural oils through the lengths of your strands. And no matter, what kind of brush you are using always be gentle while combing your locks. Always start from the bottom of your hair and slowly work your way up to the top very carefully to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Backcombing for the win

Tired of having fine, flat hair? No worries, we have got you sorted by presenting you with this hair hack that can be an absolute lifesaver. You can easily add more volume to your hair by teasing your locks in section instead of backcombing just the top layer of your hair. Start by splitting your hair into multiple sections, and then tease each section to add volume to your strands using a fine-toothed comb.

Use a toothbrush to tame your flyaways

Flyaways can be too annoying and unattractive, to say the least. But you can easily get rid of them by making the use of an unused toothbrush. Apply a few spritzes of hair spray on the brush and run it through your strands where you can spot the flyaways to tame them in the most effective way. This hack may sound a bit bizarre, but believe us, this hack works quite effectively.