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Spring essentials every modest dresser should have in her wardrobe

Every woman tends to have a different taste and preferences when it comes to fashion. While some women don’t mind donning risqué clothing pieces, there are some women who only feel comfortable in modest pieces of clothing, and if you belong to the latter category, you have stumbled upon the right place.

While winters are still easy to get through when it comes to dressing, other seasons like spring can be slightly hard to manage given the fact that we don’t get to layer as crazily as we get to do in winter. Layering heavy knits just don’t make any sense, but other lightweight pieces in your wardrobe could easily use some layering. Dressing modestly also looks fashionably chic and forward, you just need the right pieces in your wardrobe to do the trick. But if you are clueless about where to start, fret not, we are here to help you out. Ahead, we have rounded up a list of some spring essentials every modest dresser should have in her wardrobe.



Nothing can add charm to your outfits like the way blazers do. They instantly change the whole vibe of the outfit and make it feel more put together. Blazers are an excellent alternative to heavy coats; they not feel comfortable but also look modest, serving both purposes. You can use your blazer to make your basic jeans and tee outfit look more dressed up and chic. Considering oversize silhouette is having a moment right now, sporting an oversized blazer with your outfit would make the outfit look trendy and fashion-forward.


Lightweight coat

While heavy coats aren’t necessarily spring-appropriate, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear any kind of coat with your outfits in spring. Trench coats are there for a reason, and they are designed to be worn in such kind of weather only where you don’t require extra warmth. Trench coats tend to be on the lighter end of the spectrum, they feel absolutely comfortable and chic at the same time. In addition to that, trench coats look incredibly amazing with almost everything, so you can never go wrong with having one or more trench coats in your wardrobe.


Airy and breathable blouse

Airy blouses come to our easy rescue during the warmer months of the year. Blouses that hug the body don’t really feel comfortable when it’s hot outside, therefore, one can never go wrong with having too many airy blouses in their spring or summer wardrobe. Be it your jeans or wide-leg pants, airy blouses team well with almost everything. While there are many basic options in the market, you can settle for blouses that feature interesting detailing or sleeves to amp up the look.



Cardigans are easily every woman’s go-to piece for fall and spring. They require the minimum amount of styling and are capable of adding a wow factor to the look on their own. When in doubt, just throw on one of your cardigans, and you will be ready to rock the day. Cardigans come in an array of options, but since it tends to get a little warm during spring, it’s better to pick pieces that are on the lighter end of the spectrum as opposed to chunkier knits.



Whether it’s your own button-down or the one that you stole from your brother’s or dad’s closet, this piece will never disappoint you. Button-downs are easily one of the finest ways to upgrade your outfits and make them look more elevated and effortlessly chic. Apart from that, button-downs are so easy to style; you can wear them in a myriad of ways with different outfits. This versatile piece can be rocked in multiple ways, but the best way to style your button-down is by either pairing it with your jeans or tying it over your dresses for a breezy look.