Fashion Guide

Summer Body Essentials That You Are Missing

Summer is the time to show skin and experiment with clothing. However, the clothing can be boring if you don’t have the summer essentials in your closet. By summer essential we mean the things that you need to have in your wardrobe for summer. You can say that these are pretty basics and that you can have these in any style that suits your body. So let’s just dive into what are going to be your summer essentials for the prevailing year. You might have a few of these in your collection already. However, if you haven’t got then you can invest in these life-saving pieces.

Body Suit

We all know that wearing shorts is the trend of the summer season. Now, if you have been thinking of some ways to make your shorts dressier than you need to invest in a bodysuit. The body fit bodysuits are something to have in your closet. These will not only let you not wear a belt in the summer heat, but also make you feel free about your back or tummy being visible. Now, we have mini shorts and other Bermuda shorts. The girls who have elongated legs often go for mini shirts. You can wear these with a bodysuit and feel the difference in your dressing. Even when you wear a crop top you will feel that too much of your skin is visible and you wouldn’t like it so instead you wear a tank top like a bodysuit with these you will feel much comfortable and better.

Graphic Tee

Graphic tee has summer written all over them. You can wear a floral print or quotes that you like. Any pattern with a graphic tee works nicely. You can have it in several patterns like a patch print or an overall print. Anything can be done. If you are looking for an extra cute graphic tee then you can have it in a tie and die pattern. These tees look great when styled with shorts or denim. You may not like to wear much around the neck with the graphic tee because a necklace with a graphic tee doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t be visible much as there would be a pattern that will draw major attention.

Linen Shorts

Having denim shorts for summers is a thing that we have been doing for several years. However, if you get habitual to linen shorts you will see what difference they make in your look and comfort. I can bet on this that you will not feel as much comfort in your denim shorts as you will feel in the linen ones. The reason is simple linen is a more breathable fabric and wearing it in the sun makes you feel relaxed and light all the time. You can find these in pattern and wear it with solid tops or vice versa. Try purchasing one of these this year and you will purchase more the following year.

Light Wash Denim

There is a saying that heavy thighs shouldn’t wear light shade jeans well it’s true in a certain context but if you are getting it in solid only. If your light jeans have distressing or a little bit of shading then you can style light wash jeans with a heavy body. The reason why shading works is it makes your thigh look sleek as there are two colors flowing on your denim. It will either draw attention to the lighter shade or two the darker shade at once. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try on the shaded light wash jeans in the style you like.
Other body shapes can wear light wash denim in any possible manner. Let it be distressed jeans or in a solid shade or the mom jeans. Whichever you fond works well on your body get those jeans. Wearing black in summer shouldn’t be done by any girl.