5 Essential Hair Care Tips For Short Hair

Going short is very much in trend these days. Chopping your tresses is a very hard decision but we can’t resist ourselves from trying out different styles and haircuts, right? But, if you’re ready to carry a short hair cut you need to follow some hair care tips that are different from what you’ve been following. Short hair requires proper care and if you’re figuring out the best hair care routine for your newly cut locks the feed would turn out to be a great help.
Here, we have scooped out 5 essential and simple hair care tips that will guide you on how to take care of short hair. Keep reading!

A Very Little Quantity Of Products

You might be in the habit of using products based on your long strands but when you cut your strands short make sure you’re not applying the same amount of hair-care products you used to. Short strands do not require too much quantity of the product as too much quantity can weigh them down and hence the hair will turn out to be greasy very quickly. So, make sure you’re squeezing out a little product that your short hair requires.

Wash More Often

We know you have always been advised to wash your hair less often and now we are suggesting you to change the game simply because short strands are more likely to get oilier than longer strands hence whenever you feel your hair needs to be rinsed, wash it. As you’ll be washing your hair more often we would suggest you to apply a little amount of hair cleanser and always apply conditioner to your hair ends. While you’re washing your hair there is no need to repeat the process for the second time as you’ll be washing more often.

Use Cold Water

One thing that holds true to every hair cut or style is to wash your hair in cold water. Cold-water rinse adds shine and luster to your strands hence, always wash your hair in cold water. Also, when you go short hair tends to lose shine thus it becomes very important to give a cold water rinse. Cold-water is also known to control frizz so if you have frizzy hair prefer washing your hair in cold water.

Comb Less Often

When you cut your hair short make sure you are combing less frequently. Instead, use your fingers to detangle any knots. Short hair doesn’t require to be brushed more as long hair. Still, if you feel the urge run your fingers through. Brushing your strands with fingers will help you to get rid of any knots as short hair doesn’t tangle a lot.
Also, other advice would be to invest in a bristle brush. Instead, of using regular combs add bristle brush to your hair care arsenal. Bristle brush helps you to detangle your hair very easily and quickly. Hence, make sure you switch to a bristle brush as soon as you get your hair cut short.

Deep Conditioning

When you cut your strands short make sure you’re giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment more frequently. When we are saying about deep conditioning we didn’t mean that you have to invest in another hair care product. You can also use home-made deep conditioning treatments. There are various home-made deep conditioners that you can opt for
• Banana and Honey Deep Conditioning Mask
• Yogurt and Honey
• Aloe vera Gel and Coconut Oil
• Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
• Egg White Mask

So, these were a few simple and basic hair care tips that you should follow when you go for a short hair cut.