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Trendy basics that will be everywhere in 2021

Every year, a couple of new trends are introduced to the masses. While some trends are more on the chicer side and feel less practical, a bunch of other trends are more on the basic side and make great additions to the wardrobe. Basic fashion articles are something you can never really go wrong with, they will always have you sorted for almost every occasion for a couple of years. But nowadays, basics are also being differentiated. There are basic basics and then there are trendy basics.

Padded shoulder tees were all the rage the previous year, no matter how you styled them; they always managed to look effortlessly chic and cool. Ever since the arrival of these padded shoulder tees, most fashion girls have been living in them. As much as we simply adore this super versatile and stylish piece, it’s time we put them aside and incorporate some new trendy basics in our wardrobes. There are a couple of trend-forward basics that are having a moment right now, not only they are right on the money but also look uber-cool and chic. The trends in question are predicted to reach cult status in 2021, getting your hands on them ASAP is definitely a wise thing to do.


Cutout tops

The cutout was predicted to be huge this year, so it comes as no surprise to see cutout tops making it big in the fashion industry. Tops with cool cutouts on expected and unexpected places are having a moment right now. They strike a perfect balance between cool and stylish, and if that’s how you like to keep the vibe of your outfits, then you should definitely get your hands on them. Whether paired with trousers or jeans, these cutout tops will instantly make your outfit look ten times cooler and stylish.


Tricky toe sandals

We can never have too many sandals in our closets, and if you also feel the same way, tricky toe sandals may be the next pair you would want to invest in. These sandals are gaining huge popularity each passing day, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they look incredibly chic when paired with different outfits. You can take your fashion game up a notch by wearing these sandals with a pair of socks or tights.


Baggy jeans

While most of us will never really retire our skinny jeans, it wouldn’t hurt to take a mini-break from them and wear baggy jeans instead. Baggy jeans are trending hard right now and why not? They are easy, versatile, and stylish in nature, making it easier to style them in a myriad of chic and cool ways. If you want to create a more structured and flattering look, then you should pair your baggy jeans with a tighter piece on the top.


Ruched tops

Ruched tops are a cool update on standard jersey tees, they may look a bit simple, but their charm and elegance will definitely help make you stand out from the crowd. Ruched tops are expected to be one of the cult items in 2021, and the way things are going on, we are expecting ruched tops to be everywhere in the coming months. They look the best when paired with jeans in a looser silhouette for an uber-cool and forward look.


Flowy cargo pants

Cargo pants are one of the comfiest and practical items to own in every woman’s wardrobe. After being away from the limelight for a while, they are making a huge comeback this year in a much cooler way. Cargo pants in a looser silhouette are the current talk of the town; they will make a great addition to your wardrobe.