Edgy Hairstyles Ideas to Try in 2023

Edgy Hairstyles Ideas to Try in 2023

Hairstyling brings quite an effect. It happens to be an integral part of our personality and enhances it to a lot more extent. So it just doesn’t stick to your hair. It begins to tell a lot about you too!

So if you are thinking of going through some sort of transformation for the new year, do not hold back your instinct. It is 2022 and we have seen all kinds of experiments, nothing is too weird, and nothing is as off-putting as you might it is. So let us have a look over edgy hairstyle/cut ideas that you might like for yourself.


  1. Rainbow Hair

Very creative in all respects but is also very admirable and quickly stands out. This catchy hair color can settle well with a variety of hairstyles. Go with straight or something very edgy in cut and build. You can add in shaved-under designs that match in color but specifically put out a symbol of your choice that reflects who you are and also gives you an added attractive piece. It is just another tattoo, isn’t it?

Rainbow Hair

  1. Undercut Bob

This hairstyle consists of two significant parts an under-shaved part and the grown crown and frontal area that is cut in a bob. This bob hair can be colored on the top in a sweet ombre. The only kick would be that much of your hair would be shaved. The rest of the hair remains in that shape and carries a lot of movements (not supported by hair beneath). The bob can get very messy with more choppy ends.

Undercut Bob

  1. Very Short Bob

A very short bob sticks to your natural hairline. It is very tricky to pull off because the movement scope is there but barely because the length isn’t much. A bob this short has to be maintained well throughout because it is the cut and styling that keeps its shine. This is a very precise haircut and can be very edgy. It will compliment a dress well with more work around the collar.

Very Short Bob

  1. Curly Pixie

Curly pixie is a way to put out a fun and romantic edgy hairstyle. The curl spread over the hairline haphazardly but doesn’t look that messy because the length of the hair is very short. You can go with global hair color for this option, too many colors would not give out fuller-looking hair. The cut has to sit well with your face shape so inculcate many layers so the hair looks volumized just as it should be.

Curly Pixie

  1. Fauxhawk

Fauxhawk gives an impression of a hawk but isn’t really. It is way messier and choppier and is specifically styled by your hairstylist. It is much like a mohawk but with a significant part of fades created on both sides or just one side. The hair length remains shorter than Mack’s haircuts. This way you can see the hair expands well over the crowns and fades gradually towards the ears. The top can be put in color with a gradient towards the ears.


These hairstyles will come out as mind-blowing as you want them to and wouldn’t even have to go crazy over the hair color part if you want because the part where it gets too dosed with the influence of colors, the actual cuts would not be able to shine through in the right way and the impact and flair of the hairstyle might go unnoticed because there would be too attention on the colors. Skip that part.

Choose colors that compliment the cuts and hug the style rather than pull attention from it.