5 Things That Are Damaging Your Hair

5 Things That Are Damaging Your Hair

Your hair is built differently than everybody else. But a few basic things are irrefutable when it comes to taking care of your well-loved locks. Hair is your crown and that is why it is adorned and styled variously. You look in the mirror and ask yourself, what style will define you today and make an impact? But are you overdoing it? Maybe, for once, are you taking a lot out of hair without giving it back much? Let’s see what needs to take a break and what should be done to prevent hair damage.


  1. Sun Exposure

Continued sun exposure can damage your hair in more than one way. It takes the life out of your hair, your hair can get sunburnt too (you’ll notice a lightening of your natural hair color in the ends, mostly), deteriorate moisture levels, make it frizzy, and prone to getting more tangled. Eventually, you’ll begin to lose more hair. For this, make sure to cover your head to prevent it from heating up. Otherwise too, sun-induced headache is a real problem, so one needs to prevent heating of the head surface.

Sun Exposure

  1. Wet Brushing

Hair washing seems like a normal regular thing to do but the hair is troubled a lot in the process if you look at it closely. Your hair is wet and gets entangled as you scrub and lather. The point is that the hair becomes more susceptible to damage post-washing, and brushing out your wet hair only contributes to damaging the structure of your hair as they get stretched beyond capacity. In addition to this, hair is pulled out of the hair follicles much more easily when they are wet as compared to when they are dry. So, discontinue and go slower. Dry your hair in a cool setting. Put on a serum if you need it and work at the ends first.

Wet Brushing

  1. Not Moisturizing Enough

Hair needs to change with the weather, more humid weather would need you to wash your hair more often than usual to keep it cleaner and fresher. A drier climate requires more moisturizing. Not moisturizing enough makes your hair unmanageable and styling over it can make them look fried. Moisturizing the ends is a must to avoid split ends and conditioning sufficiently is indisputably a necessity overall. To lock in the moisture, make sure to keep your hair tied loosely.

Not Moisturizing Enough

  1. Tying Too Tight

Creating hairstyles is one good pastime, plus it makes you look sassy. But it, too, has a disadvantage. Tying your hair too tight, again, stretches your hair fibers too much. So, when they come back, they are weaker and their form is ruined. Over some time, your baby’s hair will fall out, making way for a receding hairline. Besides, who wants to have a ponytail headache? So, to keep breakage at bay, ensure relaxed hair. You can try a loose pony/braid or keep your hair loose.

Tying Too Tight

  1. Over-Styling

Remember, healthy-looking voluminous hair is not subjected to overdoing anything. It, hence, becomes important to minimize the use of heating products o your hair and only use it with a heat protectant. Keeping your hair pleated/braided is a great way to lock the moisture in. It’ll help your roots to strengthen over time. Try including a comfortable hairstyle 3 times a week. Dry your hair rather naturally.


The thing with these mistakes is that they deteriorate the hair fiber not at the very first instance, but do it over time. They’ll turn frizzier and unmanageable. If you are beginning to track your hair health, you’ll need to identify the primary concerns of your hair before starting with a full-blown hair care regime. However, the aforementioned things apply universally, as in, they are bad for anyone’s hair. So, it is suggested to go easy and give your hair a break (maybe a sweet massage?) once a day.