A quick and healthy way to dry your hair

Late-night Netflix binging sessions have become an everyday thing for most of us, but waking up early the next morning isn’t something that we enjoy, especially the ones who aren’t early risers. While people who are early risers still manage to get up from bed early in the morning and indulge in morning grooming routines, the lazy ones take their own time, which ultimately leaves them with no time to wash their hair. Using a dry shampoo may be an easy escape, but it’s only a temporary solution and your hair needs to be shampooed and watered at least twice a week to promote healthy tresses. If you belong to the lazy category, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Washing your hair isn’t exactly the most daunting task when you are running a little short on time, but drying wet hair post hair wash is the most dreadful part, considering it can be time-consuming. If this is something you always worry about and that keeps you from washing your hair, then we have got a simple method for you that will allow you to dry your hair quickly and in a healthy way.

We have created a simple step-by-step guide on how to dry your hair quickly without causing any damage to your tresses.

Step 1: Plop your hair in a cotton t-shirt

When it comes to drying your hair post hair wash, instead of wrapping your hair in your regular towel, you should plop your hair in a clean cotton t-shirt in order to remove excess water. Scrunching your hair with your regular towel isn’t going to help your mane in any way; in fact, it will only lead to damage and will also not absorb water quickly. Plopping your hair in a cotton t-shirt is the best thing you can do in this case. It will help to absorb excess water pretty quickly without causing any damage to your mane, and meanwhile, you can apply your skincare and makeup products.

Step 2: Use a heat protectant spray

Using a heat protectant spray is important to protect your hair from heat damage. Therefore, before you start drying your hair with a hair dryer, make sure to spritz some heat protectant spray throughout your mane. Apart from keeping your tresses protected from frizz and damage, a heat protectant spray will also protect your mane from UV damage. While using a heat protectant spray, make sure to keep the bottle 6-8 inches away in order to ensure that the product is distributed evenly.

Step 3: Use your hair dryer on a low heat setting

While it may seem like a good idea to use your hair dryer on a high heat setting to dry your hair quickly when running late, exposing your wet hair to too much heat can end up damaging it. Therefore, you should always start by using your hair dryer on a low heat setting, and then you can gradually increase the heat to dry your hair faster.

Step 4: Set your hair

The best time to increase the heat setting on your hair dryer is when your hair starts to feel warm. After ensuring that your hair is feeling warm, you can increase the heat to complete the process and set your hair in the way you desire. Since your hair will be getting exposed to too much heat and pollution outside, it’s better to wrap a scarf over your head to ensure extra protection.

This is not only a quick way to dry your hair but also healthier as compared to other drying methods.