Amazing benefits of using rice water for hair

When it comes to our hair, besides a few additional hair care products, most girls rely heavily on a few DIY at-home treatments that can actually do wonders for their precious locks and show effective results. While these DIY treatments are not the most reliable sources to treat some serious hair woes, they certainly help your hair in a variety of other ways, such as improving the hair texture and giving it a boost of intense hydration and extra TLC.
Making your hair to grow out stronger and healthier is as easy as following a few at-home treatments. Hot oil massages and deep conditioning hair masks are some of the most common DIY at-home treatments, and these two are known to deliver excellent results. While every other DIY promises to deliver amazing results, there is one treatment in particular that has been gaining a certain momentum in the beauty world. Using rice water for hair is a common practice in several cultures. It is believed to provide excellent results, and if you are curious to know how it benefits your hair, make sure to scroll below.

Detangles your locks

Rice water is packed with several vitamins, and when you use it for your hair, regardless of how you are using it, its slick texture helps to soothe your locks and detangle them. Combing tangled hair can often result in hair breakage, however, when you use rice water for your hair, it not only makes your tresses more manageable but also prevents hair breakage while combing your locks.

Makes your hair smoother

Due to constant exposure of heat, chemicals, pollution, and external factors, our hair starts to lose its texture and becomes very rough and dry. And while a few hair care products and a hot oil massage do help to get your tresses back to health, it isn’t sufficient. This is when you can use rice water for your locks. No matter if you are using it as a hair mask or just rinsing it after using a shampoo, either way, it will help to nourish your locks from within and make them smoother. This is because rice water contains hair beneficial amino acids properties, after forming a bond with your hair; they add a boost of hydration and nourishment to your locks.

Gives your hair a shiny appearance

Are you tired of looking at your hair, which looks completely dull, lackluster, and lifeless? Fret not; rice water will take care of everything. It is known to be packed with vitamin E, and that is extremely beneficial for your hair. Using rice water for your hair helps to add shine and gloss to your tresses, making it look frizz-free and lustrous.

Prevents greying


Premature greying of hair has now become a very common issue, however, rice water is known to contain antioxidants, and it can help to prevent greying. In addition to helping reverse age damage on your tresses, it also regulates cell regeneration from the inside. Rice water can also keep your hair protected from external damage, such as pollution and dust.

Promotes hair growth

If you have been tired of trying all DIY at-home treatments for aiding hair growth, you should definitely give rice water a try next. Rice water is known to be loaded with several growth minerals, and when you use it on a regular basis, it helps to infuse your locks with essential nutrients and promotes hair growth. In addition to promoting hair growth, it also makes your hair to grow out stronger and thicker.