Decoding The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair

Let’s be honest, our hair is laid with a huge toll- from highlighting, coloring, to constant styling we always keep our hair under a radar. But, after all this we still want long and shiny hair, right? And that’s why we recommend you to take proper care of your hair because of all the things we are blessed with, hair our crowning glory has to go through a lot of experiments.
But with so many overwhelming hair products that claim to take care of your hair seem nothing but just bold claims and no results. But, who knew the secret to healthy hair is in your kitchen. Yes, by the title you must be aware of what magic we are talking about. The oil you use to cook is a real savior for all your hair crisis.
Olive oil is the key to healthy hair. Not only it works on the upper strands but it also treats your scalp and promotes hair growth. So, this magical ingredient should definitely be used in your haircare regime. The feed will reveal to you the most amazing benefits of using olive oil that will tempt you to give your hair an olive oil massage ASAP.

Reduces Scalp Irritation

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of olive oil help treat all scalp irritations. From itchy scalp to dandruff your one-stop solution for all scalp related problems is infused in olive oil. You can see with constant use of olive oil your scalp problems just disappear.
If scalp related problems are your major concern make sure you opt for an extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin oil is the purest form of olive oil that is free from chemicals. So, if you’ll use it on your irritated scalp you’ll not harm your scalp in any way.

Treats Split Ends

Split ends are the major hair concern for all and olive oil is a great aid in treating the split ends. The major reason for split ends is dry hair and olive oil not only moisturizes your hair but also adds weight to your hair hence proving to be a great repair for split ends.
The lightweight propriety of olive oil makes it ideal for you to even apply it as a serum thus you’ll not end up using other chemically loaded serums that might augment the problem of split ends.

Controls Frizz

Olive oil restores life into dull and damaged hair. And that’s the major reason behind your hair prone to frizz. The excessive usage of styling tools and chemical products just damages your hair and your hair just refuses to behave. The nourishing property of olive oil brings back life to your dull and frizzy hair.
All you need to do is take warm olive oil and massage it on your scalp and keep it for about an hour. Rinse your hair in cold water. And make sure you air-dry your hair and avoid using heat to dry your hair.

Strengthens Your Hair

The olive oil is enriched with antioxidant properties that improve the quality of your hair. The olive oil nourishes your hair follicles, and olive oil massage is known to improve the blood circulation and hence stimulates hair growth. Olive oil is backed by science to even reduce hair breakage. But, make sure you are using it consistently to see some results as nothing can give you overnight results.

So, these were a few benefits olive oil does to your hair. So, we would highly recommend you incorporate olive oil in your hair care regime.