Effective Tips To Grow Thick And Longer Hair

Long, lustrous, and strong hair is the dream of all. We all crave for that! Chemical treatments, regular usage of styling tools and products, odd lifestyle choices, improper care, environmental factors all of this damages our hair. As a result, the growth of our hair is hampered and even the quality of our hair. Isn’t that strange we do all this to our hair and still want them to behave nicely, so mean of us, right? The growth and texture of our hair depend on what we feed our tresses with both internally and externally.

Swapping towards mild shampoo and including conditioners is not merely the care our hair wants. Instead, haircare is extensive and shampoos and conditioners are just a part of it. Like our skin, our hair too needs a little extra care. So, if you wish to have long and strong hair you have to treat your locks properly.

If you’re wondering how to grow long and thick hair well, then you have clicked on the right feed. We have scooped out a bunch of effective tips that will help you achieve your desired hair goals. Do check them out!

Always Go For SLS-free Shampoo-

You must use a sulfate-free shampoo to restore the health of your hair. Sulfates are harsh chemicals that are harmful to your hair and strips off the natural oil of the tresses making them prone to frizz and dryness. So, rather go for mild formulations that are free from any such harmful ingredient. Sulfate is the most widely used ingredient that is readily available in a wide range of shampoos so do check before you buy a shampoo.

And even if you’re using a mild formulation that doesn’t mean you can wash your hair more often. Always wash your hair twice a week. Over-washing your hair is not at all beneficial rather it damages your hair’s texture.

Cold Water Rinse-

Always wash your hair with cold water. A hot water rinse can take off all the essential oils and moisture from the scalp resulting in the dehydrated scalp, unmanageable, and frizzy hair. On the other hand, a cold water rinse is a boon for your hair. The cold water helps to retain the moisture level of the scalp and also adds shine to your locks and seals the hydration so that your hair remains manageable until your next wash!

Take Hair Growth Supplements-

Even if you intake a healthy diet you’ll be amazed to know that only a small portion of that goes to your hair. And that portion doesn’t contest the actual amount your hair needs to grow and shine. So, besides all the effective products you use taking care of your hair internally is equally important.

So, we would recommend you incorporate hair supplements in your daily lifestyle and you’ll see your hair in a healthy state. The hair supplements are safe to use and you don’t require any expert opinion before taking them.

Air-dry Your Locks-

As much as you can stay away from heat instead prefer air drying your hair. Regular blow drying can weaken your hair and as a result, your hair will tend to fall. Also, the heat makes your hair frizzy and unmanageable so it’s better you ditch blow drying or using any heat to dry your hair.

Regular Oiling-

One of the most crucial and integral parts of your haircare regime is oiling. And no matter how much expensive products you use there is no substitute for oiling. Oil your hair at least once a week and try to keep it overnight.

So, these were a few simple and effective tips. We hope the feed would turn out to great help in restoring the health of your mane.