How not to sacrifice on style while traveling?

Whether it is a regular outing or a vacation, being stylish is a way of life It doesn’t require a particular occasion or an event to style your outfits and then step out. You should slay every time you go out and create a style statement even in a strange city. Look for these tips that will not hoard your bag but will give you the perfect styling options!

Pack Statement pieces

Whether it is your regular outing or a travel vacation, you should try ad look stylish everywhere. This is because everyone loves to gain attention and praise from the world and if that is your case too, then you should definitely look for some pieces that will upgrade your look in no time. If you are looking for an effortless style, then that too is possible. Some pieces do not require much styling and such pieces are must-have. These statement pieces are everything you will need for a travel vacation and thus, must be a part of your packing details. The thing is that while you are hoarding your bag with clothes which is a complete waste of time, you should focus on the important articles instead. Go for jumpsuits, sundresses, playsuits or co-ord sets that do not require any additional accessorizing. Or you can even pack some basics along and style them with accessories.

Pack Ankle boots

If you want to look stylish on every vacation, then you should pick statement pieces. These statement pieces should not only be in apparel wear but also in footwear. Packing mainstream sneakers is not a bad thing, it is basic and timeless. But if you are willing to create fancy looks then a simple pair of boots would be enough. A pair of ankle-length boots are also timeless and thus, look pretty with every outfit. They have the potential to transform each and every look of yours. Pairing these with your dresses, trousers, shorts as well as tunics will add to the overall look and will curate an edgy outfit effortlessly. With this pair of boots, you won’t have to pick too many pairs. Thus, you are done styling your outfits just how you want.

Always carry Layers

And by layers, we don’t mean winterwear apparel only. Layering is basically the key to dressing your outfits with a little oomph. The catch about layering is that you can make your simple outfit look even dressier and this is the perfect style quotient ever. There is nothing like styling your basic clothing with layers and then going out of the hotel. This trick works every time! For instance, a black dress can be topped with a sequin shrug or a basic top can be layered with a longline shrug. You can also wear stockings with a short dress for creating a fancy outfit. All these layers like summer scarves, stockings, shrugs, jackets, etc. make your look edgy every time you go out. Thus, it is imperative to pack layers for every vacation.

Accessorizing is the key

No matter where you go- office, uphills, beach or for shopping, accessorizing is the key for every place you go to and every outfit that you intend to wear. If layering is stylish then accessorizing is the essence of styling. Even if you are wearing a plain tee but plan to wear a fancy choker with it, there is nothing more required. Just like statement apparel pieces, it is recommended to pick some statement accessories that look good with everything. These accessories can be silver, gold, pearl or even boho jewelry. They can be a charm bracelet or an embellished watch. Anything that can be spotted from a distance is a statement piece of jewelry. Pick them all and you would be surprised to see how easy it is to work with just a few statement accessories!

Pick wrinkle-free fabrics

After everything has been said and done, this point is imperative because it literally defines the aforesaid ones. While you are picking your statement apparel pieces, always remember to pick them in wrinkle-free fabrics. You should pick fabrics that can also be rolled up in your luggage. This way you can save a lot of space in your bag and also look pretty every time you wear that outfit. It will cut off any hassle of pressing your clothing before wearing them. Moreover, all those types of clothing that are in a loose and light fabric look prettier than those with a rigid fabric. They require constant care and you are not on a trip to pay attention to all this. You are there to let loose and enjoy, so be it!