Stunning Manicure designs to pamper your nails

The Millenials have moved one step ahead when it comes to all the beauty and fashion trends. They have not confined to what is trendy and what should be done. Instead, they have moved on to the things they want to do and that has, in turn, became trendy and stylish. One such thing in beauty is the different kinds of manicure than one can possibly get done to pamper their nails. Beauty was all about facials, waxing, cleansing at some point in time but today it is much more than that. With so many emerging trends, we have listed the best ones that the Millenials are loving. Check them out and book your next session!

The Classic French Manicure

Ther classic french manicure doesn’t even need an introduction, that is why it is called classic! The best of the lot, this french manicure is arguably the most gorgeous style in manicures. Nails look ultra-beautiful in this design and there is no way that you cannot love these ones. If you have any speculation about the kind of nails you want to get done or the shade of nail paint you want, just pick a classic french manicure style and you are done. A French manicure gives the most iconic nails and they don’t even bore you after a point of time. They are literally timeless. Unlike all other types of manicures in which the nail is painted in a single color, the tips of french nails are painted pure white and the rest of the nail looks natural and transparent. This style is a must-try.

Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French manicure has come up in recent times and has gained recognition because of its unique design. Just like french manicure, this one is also unique. But the reason it is called reverse french manicure is that in french manicure, the tips are painted and the rest of the nail looks natural. But in reverse french manicure, the area near the cuticles is painted and the upper portion of the nail looks natural. So, basically, the moon area of the nail is painted either white or any other vivid color. This trendy design has gained popularity because of the chic vibes it showcases. Once the cuticles have been pushed back, the moon of the nail is painted in any vivid color and that’s about it!

Paraffin manicure

If french manicure was luxury, paraffin wax manicure is functionality. The functionality of this kind of manicure is that it is best for all those who have sull and dry hands. If you think you have started to develop wrinkles on your hands or experience extreme dryness as well as itching, then this manicure is your best choice. A paraffin wax manicure session should be taken at a salon or spa because it has to be extremely professional. Your hands are simply soaked in lukewarm liquid paraffin wax for a while and then they are taken out. The wax is let dry for some time and then this same process goes on for 7 times. Eventually, it is removed from the hands and then a regular manicure kicks in.

Mirror Manicure

A mirror manicure is also referred to as Chrome nails because the reflection on the nails looks like it is a mirror reflecting multiple colors. This kind of manicure has also become famous in recent times and has managed to grab our attention. It has literally become a go-to for many women out there. If you want your nails to look strikingly attractive and spotted from a distance, then a mirror manicure is something you should go for. A mirror manicure involves applying black nail polish as a base and a clear topcoat on it. Then a special mirror powder curated for this manicure is dabbed on top of the nails to achieve this fancy chrome look. The reflection and mirror effect of this one is to die for!

3D Manicure

If you want your hands to look edgy and stunning, then this 3D manicure is your ultimate choice. The best way to add dimension to your nails and help them noticed is to get a 3D manicure. There is no science in this. What happens is that you go through a basic manicure and then acrylic is placed onto some fake nails and painted in vivid colors. After these acrylic nails are stuck to your natural nails, one or all of the nails are decorated with accessories. These accessories can be anything- beads, stones, butterflies, stars, etc and anything blingy. You can also opt for pearls or petals if you’re looking for something more feminine. The choice is yours!