Use these tips to keep your mascara from getting smudged onto the lids

Life without mascara is like life without Netflix. Makeup minus mascara is equivalent to zero drama, and life without some added drama is nothing but absolutely boring. We have become so habitual of this product that any makeup routine without coating the lashes with layers of mascara seems incomplete and bland. Applying mascara is literally every girl’s go-to way to make their eyes look bigger, brighter, and wide awake. This product has been serving us for so many years without any complaints; therefore, it’s safe to say that it has become an indispensable part of our makeup kits.
The biggest problem that comes with using mascara is to keep it from getting smudged, which is almost next to impossible considering; somehow we all on some days end up getting it on the lids, and that can easily ruin the entire look as well as the eye makeup. Doing your entire makeup or even eye makeup takes quite a lot of time, and you cannot let your smudged mascara come in the way of your makeup looking perfect. Redoing your eye makeup is just not a feasible option, but what if we told you there’s a way you can prevent all this from happening in the first place? Finding it hard to believe? Take a look at the article below and decide for yourself.

Get rid of oil from your lids using blotting paper

If you have oily skin, lids, in particular, the chances of your mascara getting smudged on the lids are quite high. There’s a way to take care of this everyday issue, and for that, you will need blotting paper. Before you commence with your eye makeup, make sure to blot your lids using blotting paper or a tissue to get rid of excess oil and make the area matte. After that, make sure to apply a mattifying eyeshadow primer, which will keep the excess oil in check.

Use mascara primer

Although mascara primer may seem to be an unnecessary or useless product, it can actually prove to be the absolute life savior. Aside from helping to strengthen your lashes and keep them protected, it also keeps the lashes separated, which gives them a natural, fan-like finish. Additionally, using mascara primer prior to applying mascara also helps in preventing clumping, and this should always be taken care of since clumping can easily result in mascara smudges.

Remove the excess product

One of the easiest ways to prevent mascara smudges is to remove the excess product from the applicator or wand. The chances of your mascara getting smudged on the lids are relatively higher when there’s an excess product on the applicator. But you can avoid that from happening by getting rid of excess product on a tissue paper each time before using it to coat your lashes. The lesser the product on the applicator, the better the results would be. You can also run a clean mascara wand through your lashes to get rid of extra clumps if any.

Use scotch tape

Save yourself from the hassle of removing the mascara smudges by sticking fragments of scotch tape on the lids. As funny as this hack may sound, it can actually prove to be quite useful and effective when it comes to keeping your mascara from getting smudged onto the lids. You can cut two small pieces of scotch tape, stick them at around the base of your lash line, and you will be good to go. Even if your mascara gets smudged, it will end up transferring to the tape and not on your lids. You can take the tape off after the mascara has dried completely.