Beauty tricks to look more photogenic in your 50s

Aging is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. You can’t do anything about it other than embracing it. And just because we are telling you to embrace the aging process, it doesn’t mean you can’t put any effort to become the best version of yourself. While your wardrobe is always there for you to make yourself feel more empowered and presentable, that’s not the only thing you can rely on when it comes to making yourself look more photogenic in your 50s. While your skin doesn’t look the same in your 50s the way it used to appear in your 20s or 30s, there’s still a way you can make yourself look photogenic in pictures or video calls. Do you know how you can do that? With the help of your trusty tool, makeup. We have listed a couple of beauty tricks for you that will help you look more photogenic in your 50s.

Prep your skin with a face mask

The way your skin is prepped can make a huge difference to your makeup. And while skincare steps like cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and toning are pretty basic steps, you can take your game one step further by indulging in some face masking. Using face masks ahead of applying makeup will help to deliver a boost of hydration to your skin and make it appear refreshed and plump. You can use a face mask that caters to your skin’s needs and requirements, also, don’t forget to use a separate mask for your delicate eye area.

Use a high-quality face oil to prep your skin

While face masks aid to give your skin extra hydration, they might not be enough to maintain the health of your skin. Therefore, you should also include a high-quality face oil in your routine so that your skin looks all radiant and dewy. You can use a face oil that is suitable for your skin type and also addresses your skin’s needs and concerns at the same time. The purpose of face oils is to add some glow to your skin; you can boost the glow further by using a gua sha tool.

Don’t skimp on SPF

While the sun is possibly one of the greatest threats to your skin when left exposed, the blue light emitted from your phone and laptop can be equally harmful to your skin as well. Therefore, you should never skimp on SPF even if you are planning to stay indoors all day long. You can either wear your sunscreen, or you can use products that offer SPF protection.

Experiment with your eye makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, instead of keeping it plain or extra, try to maintain a balance. You can play up your eyes by using a strategic approach. Use a cream-based bronze eyeshadow to apply on your eyelids, and as far as concealer is concerned, you can use a light, hydrating concealer to hide your dark circles or shadows. Make sure to blend the product properly to avoid creasing or buildup.

Add color to your cheeks

The easiest way to achieve a youthful, radiant, and well-rested appearance is by adding a pop of color to your cheeks. Dabbing a creamy blush on the apple of your cheeks makes all the difference. While normally we would suggest keeping the blush subtle and light but since you will be interacting over a video call, you can go a little heavy with your blush. Just make sure to blend the product properly and choose color based on your skin type so that you don’t end up making a fool out of yourself.