DIY Anti-Ageing Face Pack for Smooth None Textured Skin

Beauty is a key component for most of the ladies. It is important to take care of your skin besides family. However, sometimes we are so overpowered by the responsibilities that we cannot make out time for us. Even the skin care products aren’t of any help as they are expensive. Seeing the price we gradually take a step back before purchasing them. Therefore, we are going to help you get better skin with the ingredients at your home. These are easily available in the nearby vegetable market as well as the supermarket. So you just need to invest in some natural ingredients that will help you get good skin. Just an advice, don’t be disappointed with the use of these after one or two weeks, this is a natural process and will take some time to show results.

Carrot Face Pack

To make this pack, take a normal size carrot and peel its outer surface. Split it into 3-4 halves and blend it in a smooth paste. It will be a watery paste so strain the water and keep the thick substance aside. Add 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and mix it well with the carrot. If you feel the mixture is thick you can add a teaspoon of carrot juice into it. Apply this on your face and keep it until dry.

Banana Peel

Studies have said that a banana peel contains more nutritious than the inside fruit. There are some regions which eat a banana with its peels but most of us eat only the fruit. So you can eat the inside fruit and use the peel to cure your skin. Take a wide piece of the peel, add half a spoon of lemon juice and honey on it. Gently rub the pulp on your skin for 10-12 minutes and wash it with normal water. You will feel that your skin is nourished and healthy.

Turmeric Face Mask

This face pack needs you to have 1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder, Aloe vera gel, honey, and raw milk. Set a spoon and take all the four ingredients in an equal ratio. Aloe vera gel can vary a little. Raw milk is none boiled and none processed. Apply this to your face and leave it while you are putting up laundry or arranging the kitchen. This will be relaxing for your skin, moreover, you will feel your skin transforming within.

 Free Mask

You will need three ingredients for this, banana, tomato, and a fresh Aloe vera gel. These are easily available at any supermarket. Now, begin with the banana, peel it off and cut it into a quarter piece, even when your banana is ripened excessively you can make this mask. Take a small section from the Aloe vera leaf and peel the outer layer. Wash the yellow gel on top; it can irritate your skin a little but nothing to worry. Lastly, cut the tomatoes into quarters. Add all these to the blender and form a clean mixture. Apply it to your skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Focus on the areas where you have wrinkles while applying. This pack will last you 3 more applications. Restore it in the refrigerator for a week. Before applying make sure you have take out the desired quantity and left it on room temperature for half an hour before applying it.
Banana is a good source of Vitamin B, even if you mash it and apply it to your skin directly will be helpful. This has some great wrinkle healing properties. It holds the capacity to make the loose skin tight.
Tomato is rich in Vitamin E, which is again essential to build-up skin cells. This can clean any dark spot on your face and body. If you peel the tomatoes before adding them into a salad of other dishes then rubbing the peel to the skin can also do a great job. Similarly, applying potatoes peel on the face can prove to be beneficial.